Rückmeldung zum Philippinen-Projekt

Im Mai bekamen wir von einem Schüler von den Philippinen folgenden Brief samt der beiden Fotos, mit dem er sich für die finanzielle Unterstützung während seiner Ausbildung bei uns bedankt. Einzelne Kolleg*innen und besonders eine frühere Klasse von Frau Weyers hatten sich hier engagiert.

"Hello, good day!

I, Clifford Nanoy, would like to say a very big THANK YOU for being my sponsor when I studied at Don Bosco Training Center-Pasil with the course of Automotive Technology. I am very thankful and blessed, that you gave me a great opportunity, where I can pursue my study back then. I would like to express my gratitude to the pupils of class 8b of the Theresienschule. I am very blessed that you help me financially and then I graduated as rank 1 in our class and i've got a medal. I can't make it without your help and also that medal is not only for me but also for the pupils of class 8b of the Theresienschule, where you help me to achieve my goals.
Thats my siblings and thats me taking a selfie. I am currently working as parts warehouseman.
Thank you so much to all of you who help me then. Keep safe always and stay healthy there #GodBless " God Is Good All The Time " ???

Sincerely yours, Clifford P. Nanoy"